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Northeast Hurricanes Salem D1A 10U -

Coach Name: Pete Ouellette

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
0 Kayleigh Norton Catcher, Utility
1 Joe Krasowski Catcher, Pitcher, Utility
2 Cole Pagliccia Catcher, Infield
3 Camden Legault Pitcher, Utility
5 Levi Brown Pitcher, Utility
7 Ben Mikitka Utility
9 William Morin Pitcher, Utility
10 Benjamin Graham Pitcher, Utility
12 Matthew Talbot Pitcher, Utility
18 Kayden Pouliot Pitcher, Infield

Northeast Hurricanes Salisbury D1A 10U -

Coach Name: Matt Pelletier

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
2 Sawyer Alphonse Pitcher, Infield
4 Beckett Farrand Utility
7 Judah Pilz Pitcher, Infield
9 Ryan Niles Catcher, Utility
11 Evan Allen Catcher, Pitcher, Infield
15 Logan Emia Pitcher, Infield
20 Benjamin Riccio Utility
22 Zack Woodsum Catcher, Infield
27 Wyatt Allen Pitcher, Infield
28 Donovan Yoder Pitcher, Infield
31 Thomas Burke Pitcher, Utility

Northeast Hurricanes Salem D1A 11U -

Coach Name: Ty Seaton

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
1 Theo Stepper Pitcher, Utility
2 Henry O'Connell Pitcher, Utility
3 Jacob Gallant Pitcher, Utility
4 Joshua Roux Pitcher, Infield
6 Ronielvin Guerrero Pitcher, Infield
7 Austin Stern Pitcher, Utility
8 Weylen Rodriguez Pitcher, Infield
9 Adan Olivieri Catcher, Pitcher, Utility
15 Luke Mikitka Catcher, Outfield
17 Jameson Norton Pitcher, Utility
37 Elijah Kowalski Pitcher, Infield
50 Benjamin Urquhart Pitcher, Infield

Northeast Hurricanes Salisbury D1A 11U -

Coach Name: Matt Keefe

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
2 Kellan Haley Pitcher, Infield
4 Connor Durney Catcher, Infield
8 Gavin Fraser Pitcher, Infield
9 Daniel Sullivan Catcher
11 Noah Collins Utility
12 Kayleb Judd Pitcher, Infield
13 Jacob Hays Pitcher, Infield
16 Michael Boudreau Pitcher, Infield
20 Irving Taveras Pitcher, Infield
24 Zack Floyd Pitcher, Infield
25 Anthony Maglio Catcher, Utility

Northeast Hurricanes Nashua D1 12U -

Coach Name: Costas Tingas

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
1 Jameson Krueger
2 Tyler Parks
5 Luca Kabel
6 Lucas Bourbeau
7 Jake Daley
8 Nolan Rousseau
9 Evan Sousa
11 John Sappet
15 Benjamin Geiger
17 Daniel Lavigne
22 Lucas Mantini
55 Joshua Geiger

Northeast Hurricanes Salem D1A 12U -

Coach Name: Al Mottram

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
2 Aidan Oconnor Catcher, Utility
3 Aiden Gibson Catcher, Utility
4 Charlie Parrish Catcher, Utility
7 Aaron Chmielecki Catcher, Utility
11 Patrick Ross Pitcher, Infield
12 Darian DeJesus Pitcher, Outfield
14 Leo Friedman Catcher, Infield
16 Colin Robinson Pitcher, Infield
21 Aiden Soucy Pitcher, Infield
22 Tom Sartell Pitcher, Infield
27 Nolan Solemina Pitcher, Outfield

Northeast Hurricanes Salisbury D1A 12U -

Coach Name: Tyler Pacheco

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
4 Cooper Grant Pitcher, Utility
7 Ben Sherwood Pitcher, Infield
8 Riley Faulkner Pitcher, Utility
9 Corey Young Pitcher, Utility
11 Jack Dever Catcher, Pitcher, Infield
13 Thomas Ingham Pitcher, Outfield
22 Julien Powers Pitcher, Utility
34 Ryan Giuffre Catcher, Pitcher
43 Camden Pettengill Pitcher, Outfield
48 Andrew Martin Pitcher, Utility

Northeast Hurricanes Salem Blue D1 13U -

Coach Name: Shawn Callahan

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
1 Henry Paquette Pitcher, Infield
3 Maddox Bonilla Pitcher, Utility
6 Brian Pierni Pitcher, Utility
8 Cameron Gath Catcher, Pitcher, Utility
9 Adam Conant Pitcher, Utility
11 Benjamin Hnat Pitcher, Utility
13 Brendan Arsenault Pitcher, Infield
14 Alex Hubler Catcher, Pitcher, Infield
15 Rishi Rane Pitcher, Utility
21 Cameron Caron Catcher, Infield
24 Dominick Toscano Pitcher, Infield
27 Jake Matarese Outfield
37 Ryan Torpey Pitcher, Utility

Northeast Hurricanes Salisbury D1A 13U -

Coach Name: Matt Maguire

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
2 Liam Friis Pitcher, Utility
3 Matthew Anderson Catcher, Infield
5 Benjamin Hadley Catcher, Utility
7 Corey Deziel Infield,Pitcher
10 Nicolas Bonasera Pitcher, Utility
11 Joshua Penney Pitcher, Utility
12 Nathan Dietenhofer Catcher, Outfield
13 Jayden Torres Catcher, Utility
22 Beckham Zizza Pitcher, Utility
27 Jake Woodsum Infield,Pitcher
43 Caleb Vicente Pitcher, Utility
50 Troy Varoudakis Infield,Outfield

Northeast Hurricanes Salem Red D2 13U -

Coach Name: Zach Wells

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
2 Jason Piscatelli Catcher, Outfield
3 Zachary Pawlowski Pitcher, Utility
5 Brody Conroy Catcher, Utility
7 Keegan Norton Catcher, Pitcher, Utility
11 James Cotter Infield,Outfield
14 PJ Leontakianakos Pitcher, Utility
19 Sawyer Brockman Pitcher, Utility
24 Jariel Ortiz Infield,Outfield
36 Logan Daigle Pitcher, Utility

Northeast Hurricanes Salem D1 14U -

Coach Name: Billy Ahern

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
4 Mason Lomasney Catcher, Utility
5 Jacob Adrien Pitcher, Utility
6 Ryan Kontos Infield,Pitcher
8 Andrew Clarke Pitcher, Outfield
12 Aiden Ahern Pitcher, Infield
13 Logan Casey Pitcher, Utility
15 Nolan Marsters Catcher, Utility
17 Cameron Norton Pitcher, Utility
22 Dillon Pagliccia Infield,Pitcher
26 Anthony Caruso Catcher,Outfield
32 Tyler Miles Infield,Pitcher
33 Alexander Iannessa Infield,Outfield
34 Alexander Hernandez Pitcher, Outfield

Northeast Hurricanes Salisbury D2 14U -

Coach Name: Kyle Priest

Coach Email:

Jersey # First Name Last Name Position
2 Brady Carlson Infield,Pitcher
3 Scott Lundy Infield,Catcher
7 Nicholas Holmquist Infield,Outfield
8 Andrew Genualdo Pitcher, Utility
10 Carlos Guenard Pitcher, Utility
11 Dylan DuLong Pitcher, Utility
13 Logann Hatin Pitcher, Utility
17 James Margeson Pitcher, Utility
21 William Page Infield,Catcher,Pitcher
24 Vincent Penebre Pitcher, Utility

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